4% Interest Life Improvement Budget

One hour per day is equal to 4% of your time.  One hour is 1/24th of your day.  Imagine if you could improve your life by 4%.  Americans try to save 4% of their income for retirement 401ks.  They drink beer with 4% alcohol.  They pay 4% interest on student loans.  Imagine improving your body by 4%.  The benefits from improving such a small amount will compound over time.

There are numerous well known benefits to exercising. The physical, mental, and emotional benefits are the first things people think of when it comes to exercising.  How about the financial?  People that exercise regularly spend less money on junk food and eating out.  They cut out alcohol consumption.  They network with other successful like minded people.  Here's how we recommend you get started on the journey. 

Start Budgeting!

1. We recommend budgeting 4% of your time to fitness. Start small. Plan one hour per day to devote to being active.  That is equal to 31 hours per month.  Your workouts can be done at home.  

2. Create a personal financial budget.  A budget for fitness and finance is important to hold yourself accountable.  Your goal should be to eliminate 4% of excess costs.  This includes items you may not use such as subscription services.  There are many subscription services that waist time as well as money.  You’ll be amazed the effects of cutting 4% will have on motivation.

 3. Step on the scale each day.  Your goal should be to cut 4% of your weight each month.  This is done by cutting 4% of excess calories.  That is excess food that is not vital to your survival.  Cut out doughnuts, soft drinks, deserts, and etc.  Usually, cutting out one of these items is enough to save someone 4% of their caloric budget. 

4.  Create muscle mass.  You should increase the weights you lift 4% each week.  Track your weights each time you do reps at the gym!  This creates goals.  It makes lifting fun as you'll be able to see real results over time!  You’ll be amazed how small improvements compound your physique.  


We will be offering all of our products at a 4% discount compared to average big box stores prices.  Thank you for following FatWalletFitness.  We look forward to supporting you on your personal journey!


*The 4% fitness goal is only a recommendation.  FatWalletFitness is a not a physician.  We recommend products and plans based on our personal experiences.  Everyone has a different body and financial situation.  Please consult a physician before making any significant changes to your diet or workout routines.